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          Building your custom dream home is exciting, but a scary leap of faith, hoping you have employed a
          builder who is honest, and willing to put forth his best efforts on your behalf.  My dream home was just
          completed a few months ago by Sunland Development, and when asked by friends if I would ever do
          this again, my reply has always been "in a heartbeat", but only if Paul (owner of Sunland) will build it".

          Paul Halmrast is meticulous down to the finest details, and I found him to possess a high level
          of honesty and integrity. He taught me early on in the process not to "sweat the small stuff" (and
          believe me, there will be small stuff), but overall the process went smoothly, and I was involved in
          every decision along the way.  Brandy Halmrast also lent her skills as a decorator when it came
          time to pick out colors, fixtures, lighting, etc. Her advice was invaluable. I recommend Sunland
          Development without hesitation if you are looking to build your dream home.

          Christy Quaife Bilbrey - SDC Client

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